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Are you joining us for the 2023 Policy Surveillance Institute on October 5-6? We can’t wait to see everyone in Philadelphia for the first in-person Institute since 2019! 

We’ve put together a guide if you plan on staying in the city the whole weekend. There’s something for everyone here in Philadelphia to find and explore! 


Shane Reader from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health, recently published research in Drug and Alcohol Dependence that reveals patterns in implementation, facilitates future evaluations, and produces a roadmap for the dimension reduction of further policy surveillance datasets related to harm reduction and drug use. 


June 24, 2023, marks one year since the US Supreme Court upended the limited constitutional protection of abortion afforded by Roe v. Wade. Now, the legal status of abortion varies even more drastically across the nation, compromising equitable access to this essential health care. While some states have moved to ban abortion outright, others have enacted measures attempting to protect and expand access. 


By Sterling Johnson

Not since the 1960s have we seen the terms of Black history been this contested among legislators and school districts. Three years after the George Floyd riots and our own national reckoning, we continue to watch explicit attacks on the teaching of critical race theory, but also more integration of Black history into the national story — with Florida’s legislative history serving as a primary landscape for this cultural battle.


The National Public Health Week theme for Saturday, April 8, is Accessibility. This broad issue seemingly touches every aspect of health. Not everyone in our communities have the same, equitable access to many of the basic determinants of health and well-being. Law and policy are crucial shapers of our environments, and play a profound role in creating and improving access or, unfortunately, establishing barriers. 


As we think about Food and Nutrition on this last day of National Public Health Week 2023, our focus at CPHLR is on the ways our laws and policies support some of the most vulnerable in our communities: children.