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Kevin Outterson, LLM, JD •
Boston University School of Law
Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, PhD •
Boston University School of Law

Concerns about a dearth of antibiotic innovation have spurred calls for incentives to speed the development of new antibiotics. The data from this study suggest that policymakers should be focused on the clinical quality of the new drugs, not just the raw number of new drugs introduced to the market each year. In other words, quality over quantity should be the focus.

Staff •
Center for Public Health Law Research

The Problem: Vaccine coverage for vaccine preventable disease is an essential public health goal. Vaccination against specific diseases is particularly important for high risk populations, which may include individuals of a certain age (e.g., greater than 68 years for Pneumococcal Polysaccharide) or with specified medical conditions (e.g., HIV/AIDS for influenza). CDC: General Recommendations on Immunization.