The first module introduces the Policy Surveillance Program, defines policy surveillance and introduces the methods used to conduct the research. The module is divided into two parts. 

Part One: The Policy Surveillance Program

This section introduces the Policy Surveillance Program and includes: 

  • The program’s mission
  • The history of the program
  • A brief overview of and the Workbench
  • Basic information on the Learning Library and the other modules 

Part Two: What is Policy Surveillance?

This section has four core learning objectives: 

  • Define policy surveillance 
  • Provide an overview of the policy surveillance process 
  • Explain the importance of policy surveillance
  • Define legal mapping 

Additional resources 

Below, you will find links to two PowerPoint decks, one with information on who we are and the other with an introduction to policy surveillance. See the tools and resources link to explore additional articles with information on policy surveillance. Please explore the other modules if you are interested in starting your own policy surveillance project.

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