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Elizabeth Platt, Esq. •
Center for Public Health Law Research

Director of Research and Operations, Elizabeth Platt, presented these slides at the NACCHO 360 Conference on July 20, 2022, with two other presenters including Katrina Forrest and Akeem Anderson from CityHealth.

CityHealth.org, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, works to improve community health by advancing a package of evidence-based policies across the largest U.S. cities.

Kat DeBurgh, MPH •
Public Health Institute
Dawn Jacobson, MD, MPH •
Public Health Institute

This study finds that foodborne illness rates decreased by 22 percent after implementation of the paid sick leave law in jurisdictions with laws more supportive of employees taking leave, but increased in jurisdictions with laws that are less supportive.

Staff •
Center for Public Health Law Research

State foodborne illness laws regulate which illnesses need to be reported, the timeframe for reporting, and which agencies must then be informed of the illness and/or outbreak. This LawAtlas dataset focuses on state laws relating to foodborne illness surveillance and outbreak response, including the reporting requirements for several of the most common foodborne diseases.