Publication Title: 
CityHealth: Using scientific legal mapping and community engagement to promote better health
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Director of Research and Operations, Elizabeth Platt, presented these slides at the NACCHO 360 Conference on July 20, 2022, with two other presenters including Katrina Forrest and Akeem Anderson from CityHealth., an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, works to improve community health by advancing a package of evidence-based policies across the largest U.S. cities.

In this presentation, the team described CityHealth and demonstrated how expert-backed policy ranking is an emerging and valuable tool for health departments, policymakers, and advocacy organizations in their mission to improve public health laws. The presenters showcased several examples of where local health leaders have used the CityHealth framework to address health challenges in their community. By following the model of CityHealth, city leaders can identify actionable paths for better laws that make real impacts on people’s lives.