This webinar, hosted on January 21, 2021, and organized by the UK Faculty of Public Health in collaboration with the European Public Health Association, introduces a global audience to the emerging approach of legal epidemiology, the scientific study and deployment of law and legal practices for public health.

This webinar covers the origins of legal epidemiology and its nature and rationale, and offers examples of its use in research, policy tracking, and advocacy. It concludes with a presentation on how CDC has integrated legal epidemiology in its work. 


  • Legal Epidemiology: What and Why (Scott Burris, Professor of law, Director Center for public health law research, Temple University)
  • Finding the Policy Drivers of (In)Equity and the Social Determinants of Health (Kelli Komro, Professor of epidemiology, Rollins School of public health, Emory University)
  • Assessing the Effects of Legal Interventions on COVID-19: A Systematic Review (Benjamin van Rooij, Professor of law and society, University of Amsterdam)
  • A Global HIV Policy Database (Matthew Kavanagh, Professor of law and Director global health policy and politics initiative, O’Neill Institute, Georgetown University)
  • Legal Epidemiology in Advocacy (Shelley Hearne, Professor of the practice of public health, Director John Hopkin center for public health advocacy)
  • Legal Epidemiology at CDC: (Matthew Penn, Director public health law services, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention)