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Sentinel Surveillance of Emerging Laws Limiting Public Health Emergency Orders

This longitudinal sentinel surveillance dataset provides an overview of laws that limit the authority of a governor, state health agency, or state health official, regarding public health emergency orders. The dataset covers all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and includes laws that were enacted since January 1, 2021, and were effective on or before May 20, 2022.  

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Resources for Policy Surveillance

This report was prepared for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Law Program to summarize the research and results undertaken in the first year of a project intended to advance the understanding and practice of legal epidemiology at CDC and state, local and tribal health agencies, with special focus on policy surveillance.


Comparing State and Federal Health Law “Recommendations”

This report explores the relationship between major health law recommendations from the federal government and the actual output of state legislative policy-makers. Providing evidence-informed policy recommendations to state, local and tribal policy-makers is part of the job description of federal health agencies. The Department of Health and Human Services publishes a compendium of recommendations, Healthy People 2020, the latest in a decennial series that began in 1980.