Publication Title: 
Californian Journal of Health Promotion
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Los Angeles County communities have implemented a variety of shared use arrangements to promote physical activity among residents who live near schools. However, little has been documented or is presently known about the strengths and limitations of these legal arrangements for achieving this goal. This legal analysis addresses a gap in public health practice. A public health law analysis was conducted to review 20 shared used agreements implemented in Los Angeles County during 2010- 2014. Some schools and communities have entered into lengthy, detailed contracts; others have opted for simple applications, licenses, and permits; others have used memoranda of understanding. Findings suggest that regardless of the legal mechanism used to document the parties’ intentions, including language that describes each party’s interest in community health, health equity, and long-term sustainability represents a best practice that should be considered in every shared use agreement.