Publication Date: 
Saturday, February 1, 2014

Colleges and universities are important venues to eliminate second-hand smoke exposure, support students trying to quit, and model healthy behavior to youth by limiting tobacco use, sale, distribution, advertising and sponsorship. All Washington State colleges and universities must abide by the Clean Indoor Air Act (Chapter 70.160 of the Revised Code of Washington), which prohibits smoking within 25 feet and inside of public places and places of employment and makes other stipulations regarding signage. 

More than 40 college, university and technical campuses exist in King County, and a number of institutions limit tobacco use and exposure beyond what is required under state law. This dataset identifies which institutions have tobacco- or smoke-free policies and may help you understand how colleges and universities address campus community education about tobacco use, support for cessation and other issues. Note that colleges with less than 250 students outside of South Seattle were excluded from the sample.  We were also unable to reach several institutions. 

This dataset includes policies in effect through August 2013.