Publication Title: 
Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law & Ethics
Publication Date: 
Monday, November 29, 2010

The world faces a worsening public health crisis: A growing number of bacteria are resistant to available antibiotics. Yet there are few new antibiotics in the development pipeline to take the place of these increasingly ineffective drugs. This study reviews a number of proposals intended to bolster drug development, including such financial incentives for pharmaceutical manufacturers as extending the effective patent life for new antibiotics. However, such strategies directly conflict with the clear need to reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and could actually increase prescription use. As an alternative, the authors recommend a two-prong, “integrated” strategy based on prizes administered through the insurance reimbursement system, but conditioned on the companies meeting conservation targets.

Kesselheim A, Outterson K. Improving Antibiotic Markets for Long Term Sustainability. Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law & Ethics. 2011. 11