PHLR Methods Core and National Advisory Committee

Methods Core

The PHLR Methods Core was a group of researchers with a range of empirical and methodological expertise. A diverse group of highly experienced researchers at the intersection of public health and law, the Methods Core team was closely involved in developing the strategy and priorities of the program, selecting studies for funding, and providing technical assistance and support to strengthen research on law and health.

  • Jennifer Ibrahim, PhD, MPH (Associate Director)
  • Alexander C. Wagenaar, PhD (Associate Director)
  • Michelle Mello, JD, PhD
  • Jeffrey Swanson, PhD
  • Jennifer Wood, PhD
  • Patrick M. Bernet, PhD
  • Christopher Robertson, JD, PhD

National Advisory Commitee

The National Advisory Committee (NAC) reviewed and recommended projects from the submissions received during each PHLR call for proposals. They also provided strategic planning advice for future program direction. The NAC represented a broad set of expertises in assessing program fit and ensures a fair and externally-based selection process.

  • Phillip Gardiner, DrPH
  • Susan Gerard, MBA
  • Wilfredo Lopez, JD
  • Anthony D. Moulton, PhD
  • Wendy E. Parmet, JD
  • Matthew Penn, JD
  • Frank J. Chaloupka, PhD