Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Center for Public Health Law Research has launched its updated and redesigned data website,!

Since its original launch in 2011, the site has become a go-to resource for finding and interacting with high-quality law and policy data. 

In addition to the ability to read the full text of the law and legal citations, the new site includes a number of new features that make it easier than ever to find and explore legal data:

Two approaches to exploring variables. There are now two ways to interact with the legal data. Our exploring modes now allow you to see jurisdictions where any of the answer selections are present, and where all of the selections are present. In other words, the site now supports “or” and “and” queries. These explore modes are Comparison mode, which allows you to see jurisdictions that meet any of the criteria you’ve selected, or Filter mode, which shows you only the jurisdictions that meet all the criteria you’ve selected.

Overlap datasets. Now you can view more than one dataset on the same map or table! This new feature lets users combine data into the same visualization when they share the same time period and the same geography. 

Find data with ease. Search by public health topic, keyword, or the name of a place in the site’s search boxes to find data of interest to you. The library will continue to grow over the coming months as we migrate date from the legacy site. 

Connect to research and evidence. On every dataset page, we’ve added links to research and other publications that have cited those data to connect you to the research and researchers who are applying law and policy data in their research and practice. You can also see a master list of all the research using LawAtlas data.