Policy Research Technology Program

The Center’s Policy Research Technology Program develops technology-based tools and resources that support legal epidemiology research and the effective use of public health law in practice.

MonQcle Software

The Policy Research Technology Program is responsible for managing MonQcle, a one-stop-shop legal research software to navigate and organize complex legal text to produce legal data that may be used in research and practice.

MonQcle is a software platform that creates cross-sectional and longitudinal datasets that link text to locations (jurisdictions or other places). The data tracking uses a question-and-answer format with full pin-citations linked back to the user-provided text. The service also provides visualization tools to support researchers as they develop, refine, update, use, and share their data. Originally developed by Legal Science, LLC, the Center for Public Health Law Research received the rights to maintain and develop the software in October 2019.

The Policy Research Technology Program has also developed pilot applications that use MonQcle and policy surveillance to support policy research transparency and civic engagement.

Health Outcome Policy Evaluation Platform (HOPE)

The HOPE Platform is an online community of data, social and policy scientists where each can explore, learn, collaborate and publish datasets and codes in a web-based data-science environment centered on health policy and outcomes. HOPE was originally funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project.

Rabbit Crowd Library

Rabbit Crowd Library is a site that encourages civic engagement by providing the latest version of state codes.