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Public Health Seattle & King County •

This dataset includes nearly 80 components of ordinances that govern the maintenance and inspection of existing housing, including provisions for habitability, injury, mold and pest prevention, air quality and lead and other toxins, including tobacco smoke, in the home. The ordinances presented here cover unincorporated King County, and all 39 municipalities therein.

Staff •
Center for Public Health Law Research

This map explores state laws and regulations that govern who can initiate the outpatient commitment process, the duration of commitment, whether the patient can refuse medication, what consequences exist for non-compliance, and whether outpatient commitment sets limits on the patient’s right to possess a firearm.

Staff •
Center for Public Health Law Research

This map shows which states have laws that require such coverage for both private insurance plans and Medicaid, and provides information on legal requirements for, among other things, when DSME/T coverage is triggered, what specific activities are covered, and the standards that DSME/T must meet.

Kelly Thompson, JD •
Public Health Management Corporation/National Nurse-Led Care Consortium
Nick Anderson, JD •
Public Health Law Program, Office for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This dataset includes state laws that explicitly grant governors the power to suspend, amend, or create laws during emergencies.

Elizabeth Ann Glass Geltman, JD, LLM •
CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

This dataset explores which states have enacted death with dignity legislation, which outlaw physician-assisted suicide, which make the practice criminal and which are considering changes to current state policy legalizing the practice under certain circumstances.